Service Areas:

1. Hospice DME Service:
Horizon Oxygen began as a durable medical equipment delivery service and it has grown across California through expertise in this service.
• We are available for delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• We provide ETAs to make deliveries more efficient for hospice patients and their families.
• We give nurses the option to place orders online through our custom software or over the phone with our skilled customer service team.
• We provide everything from Oxygen and respiratory equipment to beds, support surfaces, wheelchairs, and ambulatory aids among many other items in our extensive inventory.
• We carry only the best quality equipment that meets our standards
• We keep up with cutting-edge technology in the industry. We stock pressure-relief foam mattresses and high-flow oxygen therapy machines, among other available in our inventory and only stocking the best durable medical equipment. For more information about the equipment we offer, please visit our Resources section.


2. DME Benefit Manager
Horizon makes it easier for hospices to place and monitor orders with our customized DME Benefit Manager.

Some of the convenient features hospices will take advantage of by using Horizon’s DME Benefit Manager include:
• Online dashboard to conveniently monitor real-time order statuses
• Ability to request deliveries and pickups online
• Track patients by Team
• Utilization reports, including monitoring out-of-cap items
• Emergency Preparedness solutions


3. DME Software Solutions
Our DME Software Solutions equip other DME companies with the same technology Horizon uses to offer unparalleled customer service. This technology includes:
• Track inventory
• Utilization Reports
• Complete patient database with patient inventory
• Online ordering capabilities for hospices
• Real-time updates from technicians in the field through the Horizon app
• Billing